Business Introduction

Risk Compliance Online Query Services Dow Jones risk & compliance online query service can be accessed through user account,including but not limited to:
Query of individuals, ships and entities. You can access Dow Jones risk &compliance data information online with no limitation on time, place or time of visits.
Dow Jones trade& compliance query service.By entering the names of goods, you can effectively query whether they involve embargoes, dual-use goods, Wassenaar agreement list, British strategic goods restriction list, US CCL embargo list, and also query geographic location information as city, port, airport, free trade zone,etc.
Risk Compliance Training Services To provide customized training courses, we, according to the business requirements and risk areas of enterprises, can design and provide training services related to financial sanctions and trade &compliance , including laws and regulations, sanctions policies, relevant cases, potential impact on enterprises’ businesses and their senior executives.
Local Compliance Database Service Users can directly query compliance data which is established locally based on the compliance data from Dow Jones, and the interface is available to connect with the user’s business systems.
The local database is updated automatically every day and synchronized with Dow Jones database.
Consulting Service of Establishing Compliance Management System To help clients on establishing a complete compliance management system, our services include Management Status Analysis, Management Defect Assessment, Development and Implementation of Management Measures, Audit and Evaluation of Implementation, etc, which are specificatedly implementated by perfecting compliance documents, constructing the network of compliance professionals, establishing detection mechanism on non-compliance,writing of compliance system and manual, audit and evaluation, consultation of firewall, etc.Consultants involved in this service have more than ten years of experience in compliance senior management in European or American multinational companies.
Compliance Briefing Service The briefing is in the form of weekly reports, including but not limited to new lists, enforcement measures, administrative orders and other press releases and statements issued by regulators, as well as analysis of the impact of changes in sanctions policies by Dow Jones compliance experts.